We Write to Taste Life Twice

Anais Nin - We write twiceI love this quote and it really got me to thinking about what an incredible gift writing really is. I do believe that as a writer we get to taste life twice. Isn’t that cool? And I think we get to create that opportunity for our readers as well. They get to live that story in the moment when they read it and I think some stories are ones that will be played over and over in their minds. What a gift.

What Will Murder by Like in 100 Years?

Only someone who’s an author or reader would want to know something like this. 

I really think that most ideas for murder have been thought of in some way, shape or form. Currently if you’re going to kill someone off in your story, there’s the realistic and sadly true-to-life way of killing – shooting, stabbing, drowning, poisoning, drugging, thrown onto, into or over something, burning, beating, vehicular accident, etc. Not very nice ways to die for sure but very effective for the purpose of a story. And then there are the not-so-real-but-believable-in-a-story way of dying – bitten by a vampire (although depending on the book you just get turned into something else), having your essence sucked out of you, magic and power destroying you, laser guns zapping you, being forced out into an environment without air, robots killing, aliens attacking or inhabiting your body, etc.

I think murders in the future will be quite varied: being able to download an app to zap someone through their wrist band or implant, which will replace the phone or tablet; tossing someone out of your personal flying saucer; having death rays embedded in your eyes, so you can kill with just a look; having a canon-type machine to shoot people out into orbit where they free float forever; banishing people to the desert (which there will be a lot of) or to another planet; since food will be in capsule form – poisoning or removing any nutrient value from it; radiation poisoning; hitting a button and having people evaporated on the spot; there will be a lot more murders by robots; since drinking water will be a rare commodity – destroying water supplies; and I still think you’ll have the occasional, stabbing, shooting, beating, type deaths.

What do you think what will murders by like 100 years from now? Fictionally speaking of course.

What’s It Take To Be a Writer

Writing is about making the readerI often get asked, ‘What does it take to be a writer?’ ‘How do I get started?’ ‘What do I need to know?’ ‘What do I need to do?’ And then I hear things like, ‘Anyone can be a writer.’ ‘It’s so easy.’

The truth – anyone can be a writer. I do believe that everyone has it within them to be a writer… a painter… a dancer… a singer… but it’s whether you’re willing to put in the time to learn it and get good at it is the question. Writing may seem simple and may seem like you just string some words together and there you go you have your story, which may be true but is it any good?

Writing is really a process where not only do you need to put words together but you need to put the right words together in the right order to convey the right meaning. So what does that mean? Words have power. They not only have the meaning we give them but then there is the connotation of the word, the flow of the words together, the sound of the word by itself and then along with those it is with, the emotions, the action, the sense of seeing the setting, the sense of being there… You can use the same word in different sentences and convey a very different essence and feeling.

I jumped into the fast flowing river.
Laughing along with the guys there was no way I was going to let them toss me in, so I jumped into the frigid river.
On shaky legs, I stood on the bank fearing the fast flowing river but I knew if I didn’t do something I’d soon be dead anyway… so I jumped.

Writing isn’t just about crafting words and stringing them together. It is about being able to use them to take people on a journey, to keep people reading and devouring what you’re writing and wanting more. It takes people on the highs and lows of life, it feeds their curiosity, gives them an experience they’d never get in real life, it connects them to things in their lives, it gives them hope, it opens their eyes, it picks them up on a wave pulling them along and then suddenly drops them into the depths only to pull them back out and having them riding high again. It swoops in and grabs them when they least expect it and then rushes them away to the next adventure. It’ll make them laugh, it’ll make them cry, it’ll make them say unimaginable things like ‘ew’, ‘whoa’ or ‘wow’ :). It’ll make them pause and think, it’ll have them re-read what they’ve read, it’ll give them food for thought, it’ll be a feast and sometimes a famine, it’ll show the beauty of man, it’ll show the ugliness of man… Whatever it does for that person, it will become a part of their world, their thoughts, their experience.

So what’s it take to be a writer? Love of the written word, the desire to not only write it once but again and again and again, the patience to string the words together that bring new meaning and new feeling in such a way that it is telling a believable, compelling story. If you truly want to be a writer, sit down and write… and write… and write… and scribble out most or all that you just wrote and start over… You’re now on your way.  :)

Deceitful Truths Book Tour through Reading Addiction


Well I have one more book tour this summer. I am so grateful to Reading Addictions for putting it together and to all the blog hosts for hosting me. My suspense/thriller Deceitful Truths is now on tour, I’ve posted the stops below. Be sure to stop by, check out my tour and enter my giveaway. Thank you.
Virtual Book Tour – August 18 – September 19

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Top Ten Inspirations for My Writing

I get asked a lot where do I get the ideas for my books? To be honest I find inspiration for my writing in so many things but I’ll try to narrow that down. The key for me is to take one little bit of information and play ‘what if’ with it. I take snippets of things from stuff I’ve heard, seen, experienced and then I mix them together and see what kind of new and different scenarios I can come up with. I think most authors do this sort of thing. Since I write suspense/thrillers laced with romance I’m always looking for things that can be twisted, turned, something that can be taken out of context and something a bit dark that someone has to figure their way out of. So I put together some things that inspire my stories and my writing.

Ideas are everywhere...1. Stories about families – the good, the bad, the funny… In my books there is a lot about family dynamics, family drama and how families aren’t always honest with each other. I have to say I am often amazed at the true stories I hear that are as bad or worse than the fiction I write.

2. People’s mannerisms or quirks – how they pick up a pen, how they flick their hair, a facial expression…

3. The way people interact with each other – the way they talk, stand, gesture, etc.

4. Books or things I read. I read a lot and sometimes I’ll read something and think what if this happened in a different situation, to a different person…

5. Shows or movies are also a great place to get ideas

6. Talking with people about their lives. I don’t ever write my stories based on someone’s life but I may take a snippet of their life i.e. that their flight got canceled and they ended up in an airport for two days and use it in a totally different situation.

7. My own personal experiences.

8. Music and songs.

9. Careers or jobs. I’ll look at ones I’ve had or ones that are advertised and see how they could be twisted and used in a story.

10. Emotions and feelings – how people react to certain situations. Sometimes I’ll take an emotion and put it in a situation it shouldn’t be in and see what I can come up with.

Ideas are really everywhere. I tend to take ideas from each of the above and meld them together to see what comes out the other side. Where do you get your ideas from?

Tainted Waters Book Cover Contest – Round 2

TaintedWaters-newcover 320x480Yay! Tainted Waters has made it to round 2 of the book cover contest through Book Goodies. Thank you everyone who commented and/or shared. Now I need your help again. To make it passed this round it is about who can get the most likes, shares, comments.

Here’s what they sent me in the email to share:

Congratulations! This cover has made it to the finals! Vote for this cover by commenting about what you like about it, and by sharing on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest using the links above. The more shares, the more votes this cover will get!

Winners are determined by number of comments (one or two word comments don’t count) and combined number of shares. Please only share once a day, we don’t want to spam any social media!


So my understanding is that if you click on this link: Book Goodies Cover Contest then scroll down until you find Tainted Waters Cover, click on it and leave a comment and share on social media. Thank you for your help. You guys are the best.

Loving What You Write

Writing is about doing and it is something that no matter how much time you put in you will never feel it is perfect. Human nature? Maybe. But there are things you can do that will get your writing/your story to a point where you are comfortable with it and able to see it in a different light.

Heart - love what you write 21. Read what you wrote. Sounds like something that is common sense however there are many and yes I am guilty of this at times as well, that we skim what we’ve written, if we read it at all. So take some time and actually read what you’ve written.

2. Read what you wrote in different formats and/or on different devices. If you’ve written something in word, then flip it to a pdf or if you have calibre convert it to an ebook. Read it on your computer or the device you use. Read it on your tablet/ereader/phone, whatever other device you have. And yes still at times print it off and read it on paper. You might be surprised by how this changes your perspective on what you’ve written.

3. Walk away from what you’ve written. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your writing it to walk away from it and let it mull over in your mind for a while before you go back and read it. And I do mean read it using one or both suggestions above.

4. Love what you are doing. Often as writers and authors we get so stressed over what we are writing and ‘oh my god is it good enough or not’. Too often we think not. When we focus on that we are adding in another layer that keeps the writing from flowing. Be grateful for the gift of writing, not everyone has it.

5. Write it, read it, send it. I know that kind of contradicts no. 3 but that’s the joy of writing. Each piece you write is going to be different and need a different response from you. Sometimes you will be in the flow of it and it will come easily and just feel right. So believe in that and let the piece go. Sometimes you will struggle and your piece will need more time and attention because it’s driving you crazy, kind of like a sibling when you were young. :)

Know that there is no tried and true method that will work every time for you. The more though that you focus on loving what you are doing and put in some time just writing, you will find that it will flow easier for you and may not feel so much like work. Writing is a gift, know that you are blessed with it.

Sometimes Life Throws You a Curve

You may have noticed I’ve been away for a while. Sometimes life throws you a curve and you have to drop everything. It was one of those things that was taken out of my hands but was a good reminder of what is important in life. After spending a week with my mom, she peacefully passed away. It was a really tough week to watch her go down hill but it was also an amazing time – we reminisced, we talked, we laughed and we just spent time as a family. In the last few hours we sang to her, many songs she knew, although I don’t think our rendition was quite what she remembered and I am sure our off key singing will keep her smiling for a very long time. That whole week but especially those last few hours are very special to me and I know meant a lot to mom. They are a gift that I will always treasure.

I wanted to share a wonderful poem my sister wrote:

(by H. D.)

You taught us to be free,
You taught us to question,
You taught us to try,
You taught us to love.

You taught us to be independent,
You taught us to go for what we wanted,
You taught us to live each day,
You taught us to forgive.

These lessons were not always easy,
We had some struggle,
We had to fall a few times,
But you were always there to help us up.

You inspired us
To be more,
To do more
And to live more.

You showed us how to shine our light upon the world,
By shining yours upon us.
Thank you for these gifts
And for allowing us to live life!
We love you Mom!


I think it is so beautiful and so true. The song we played during the video of Mom’s life was “I hope you dance” by Leann Womack. I truly hope we can all make that our mantra… and dance.

Thank you everyone who continued to stop by my blog and tweet my stuff. I so appreciate you doing that. I will catch up with everyone but it will take me a bit of time. Thank you all for being a part of my journey.

Captured Lies Tour through Reading Addiction


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Guiding the Blue Flame by J.W. Baccaro – Spotlight and Giveaway

BBT Guiding the Blue Flame  Tour Banner copy


MEDIA KIT Book CoverGuiding the Blue Flame


The Elemental Crystals were originally created to protect the earth. However, Abaddon the Demon Lord plans to use them to transform the earth into a realm of haunting darkness and witchery, forever. In Guiding The Blue Flame, a young but powerful Nasharin Warrior, Darshun Luthais is drawn to one of these magical crystals of immense power. He learns he‟s the fulfillment of the two thousand year old Prophecy of the Guardian. The Wizard Olchemy informs him that he is the protector and guardian the earth has been waiting for. With Darshun‟s ability to sense the Elemental Crystals, Olchemy devises a plan to obtain them.

Accompanied by a small group of companions the hunt is on, in hopes to retrieve the long lost crystals before the Demon Lord claims them. During the journey, Darshun encounters Aurora, the sole survivor of a now extinct people. He falls in love for the first time, and now resents the so-called Guardian of the Prophecy role. Due to Darshun‟s naïve spirit he‟s caught off guard by Nayland, a mysterious dark warrior who confronts him about his abandonment of the quest. He reveals that he too, is a Nasharin warrior, though far exceeding Darshun in skill and power. Darshun‟s father, Mirabel saves him from death at the hands of Nayland.

Outmatched and in bewilderment from the attack, a fire awakens in Darshun. He plans on reaching his father’s level of power with a journey to Shajin Island, where Nasharin Warriors train. He‟ll be gone for only one day in Earth realm time, but due to the magic of the rigorous island, it will be seven long years for him. Entering the mystical realm of Shajin, he eagerly awaits its life threatening challenges.



Before dinner was served, Aurora left to change into some fresh clothes she’d taken from her hut, which fortunately remained intact. Upon her return, all eyes shifted to her, especially Darshun’s. She’d donned a reddish-brown and orange gown, tight to her hips which fell in folds at her feet. A long carnelian necklace adorned her neck, the stones polished to perfection, and two striking earrings of diamonds and rubies, the rubies hung within a diamond border. She slowly walked over to Darshun’s area, the overwhelming scent of lilacs and roses following, her strawberry-blonde hair smoothly combed and capturing the firelight.

She nearly pranced around the men, with all taking at least a slight interest—all except Nayland. For a moment, he cast a glare her way, and in response she sent one back…twice as piercing.

He turned his head and with a sort of victorious smile.

She smugly seated herself beside Darshun.

Nearly drooling and lost in a daze, he said nothing.

“Are you all right?” she asked.

He shook his head. “I’m fine. It’s just I have never…never—”

“Dar’s never seen someone so beautiful,” Mythaen said, cracking a smirk.

Darshun blushed and wanted to hit him.

“Aww, thank you, Darshun.”

Feeling too embarrassed, he didn’t say a word, only smiled ridiculously, like a child lost in dreamland. Not to mention his stomach was in knots, or at least, that’s what it felt like.

“Boy you are beginning to stray,” Nayland growled.

Darshun fixed his eyes on him, the expression on his face changing to anger. He sat directly across the fire while the dancing flames in between Darshun and Nayland seemed fitting for the moment. “What are you talking about, Nayland?”

Glancing at Aurora and then back to him, he answered, “You know of what I speak.”

“I know nothing of you! Only that your company has been an irritation from the start.”



MEDIA KIT Author_picJ.W.Baccaro is the author of the Guardian Series. In his free time he enjoys literature—fiction and non-fiction, playing electric guitar in the heavy metal band Rigor Hill, Consciousness and NDE studies, and thinking how to intertwine his thoughts about the world’s myths, legends and distinct truths into his novels. He lives in upstate NY with his wife Melissa, his son Alexander, his two German Shepherds and his three cats.

Purchase Link: http://www.amazon.com/Guiding-Blue-Flame-Guardian-Baccaro-ebook/dp/B00F9UETW6/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1400536115&sr=1-3&keywords=jw+baccaro
Website: http://www.guardianseries-jwbaccaro.com/
Book Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=df-L6u1zvpo





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